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AIAS - Italian Sustainable Agrivoltaic Association - is born. REA Srl as a founding member and Barbara Paulangelo as a member of the Board of Directors

REA participates in the foundation of AIAS-Associazione Italiana Agrivoltaico Sostenibile (Italian Association of Sustainable Agrovoltaics), an association set up with the aim of promoting Agrovoltaics, supporting projects that enhance the production potential of both systems - Agricultural and Photovoltaic - also through advanced technological solutions and regulatory and normative standards that are up to the challenge of energy transition.
Barbara Paulangelo, appointed as a member of the AIAS Board of Directors, declares: "AIAS was set up to respond to a need for promotion and support for AGV projects, activating debates with decision makers on authorisation procedures, admission to incentives and guidelines, as well as to share case studies and best practices among operators. Agri-voltaics reveals a great potential and an opportunity for sustainable development for Italy, to boost solar production while respecting crops: a winning combination to achieve net zero goals.
The authoritative figure of Alessandra Scognamiglio, as ENEA's representative, will be leading the association's presidency.
Together with ENEA and REA - Reliable Energy Advisors - among the founding members: ETA Florence Renewable Energies, REM TEC SRL, LeGREENHOUSE, European Energy A/S and Renovo Bioenergy.