09 | 04 | 18 REA insights

Attempt of dialogue on water regulation in Sicilian non-compliant territories: ARERA will join the training day, set up by REA, on the next 19th of April to rise awareness and illustrate the implementing arrangements of the “bonus idrico"

On the coming April 19th will take place in Roccalumera (Messina, Sicily) the workshop “Toward the update of the integrated water service regulation in Sicily”, focusing on the analysis of the latest procedures introduced by ARERA (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) and on the levels of implementation of the reform path in Sicily.

The workshop, in which REA takes part as Scientific Directorate, will be arranged in the first part of the day as a technical and didactic conference with speeches aimed to retrace the regulatory procedures, while the afternoon will be dedicated to the study of two significative Sicilian case hystories, aimed at reviewing the goals achieved and the difficulties encountered during the regulation’s implementation.

The program includes the speech of Emma Maria Putzu from ARERA who will introduce the so-called “social bonus” and the related implementation procedures, while REA, through Giuseppe Mastropieri, Managing Partner, and Maria Luisa Santella, Water & Waste Area Director, will moderate the debate and introduce the procedures of the water tariff’s creation and update.

Dimitri De Porzio, Director of Datanet, will conclude the first half of the day illustrating the procedures linked to the consumption measure, while Caltanissetta’s and Catania’s “ATO’s” Authorities (specific territorial unities of the Region), represented by their respective presidents and civil servants, will retrace their own experience of the implementation.

Please find attached the full program of the event. To register : http://www.datanetsrl.eu/