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The CAAB-3 project is ready to launch with the completion of the construction the PV plant and the storage system installation. REA, CAAB’s technical partner during the development phase, has conducted the work supervision during the construction phase

The CAAB-3 project is completed with the installation of 450 kWp photovoltaic plant on the rooftop of CAAB’s office building combined with a storage system of 50 kWp and 210 kWh. This battery will help CAAB to self-consume up to 80% its annual electricity needs.

Thanks to the new plant, an annual electricity production of about 520,000 kWh per year will be guaranteed and this production is capable of satisfying the average consumption of 200 families.

In the actual energy scenario in Italy, the self-consumption is about 28.2 TWh which is 9% of national electricity consumption (302 TWh if we consider the energy balance of 2017), and about 15% of this small percentage comes solely from photovoltaic plants. In such context, the CAAB-3 project has a demonstrative value but it is exceptionally innovative due to the combination of photovoltaic technology and a utility scale lithium ion storage system that increases the self-consumption rate of the energy produced. This is a remarkable situation in a market that, net of applications in pilot projects, is characterized by sizes firmly anchored to the residential ones.

The installed storage technology, provided by Energy Srl, includes the hybrid inverters which are capable of integrating both inverter and storage functions. This system is also integrated with a "tracking" software of the load curve that will optimize the use of the energy stored inside the batteries.

 "The CAAB-3 demonstrates that photovoltaics is able to play a central role in self-production systems for both households and industrial users " explains Prof. Giuseppe Mastropieri, REA managing director and a professor at the international degree course of Electrical Engineering of University of Bologna, "combined with the storage technologies and careful measurements, it is able to increase the operational flexibility of solar systems and the self-consumption percentage with even double-digit return".

The contribution received from the Fondo EnERgia, revolving fund of Emila Romagna region which guaranteed 90% of the financing for the realization of the project with a facilitated rate, made the intervention possible. The IRR of the project is above 6%, also due to the effect of access to the Scambio sul Posto and the Iperammortamento.

The installation of the CAAB-3 project was designed by REA Srl and executed by Kineo Energy e Facility Srl, which is a member company of the consortium Consorzio Integra Società Cooperativa, the successful tenderer. The project is now completed and awaiting connection to the electricity grid (anticipated by March 15th 2019) and the primary technical testing is scheduled towards end of March.

Thanks to this project, CAAB’s electricity users will be completely connected to photovoltaic plant CAAB-3, starting from 2019.

CAAB used REA for work supervision and safety coordination during the construction and engineering phase, under Eng. Fabio Amico’s supervision.

 "It was a pleasure to be at the forefront of such an innovative project", says Eng. Fabio Amico, Director of Engineering and Development of REA, who oversaw the Works Supervision in the executive phase "we hope this kind of projects to become more and more frequent also in Italy, we finally see reliable technological solutions for industrial application; we believe that from 2020 it will also be possible to study solutions of 400 kW / 2200 kWh which can be ideal for the context of SMEs, also due to the costs of batteries that are expected to fall by 20% over the next 5 years ".

"We finally see a new generation of energy managers appear in the companies - concludes Mastropieri - able to seize the opportunities to offer power and regulation services, using at best the potential of these technologies. These aspects must be considered in the business plans".


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