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Giuseppe Mastropieri has been appointed as expert evaluator in the programme “Mission Innovation” by the Ministry of the Ecological Transition

The Ministry of the Ecological Transition has signed a decree where have been designated the experts for the evaluation of the 2021-2023 Annual Operating Plan (POA) regarding the MITE-ENEA programme approved on the 26th of February 2021 and its initiative “Mission Innovation”, promoted by 24 Countries and UE within the scope of strategic actions and policy against climate change launched alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 21 held in Paris in 2015.

The objective of the Mission Innovation is to promote and accelerate the technological innovation to support the energy transition, through doubled public funds dedicated to the cutting-edge technologies research and private sector involvement focusing on the Eight Challenges for the innovation including the Innovation Challenge n.8 “Green Hydrogen Development”.

We are proud to share Eng. Giuseppe Mastropieri’s appointment-CEO of REA Srl- as expert for the Commission.1 “Hydrogen demo Valley” together with Prof. Enrico De Tuglie (Politecnico of Turin) and Prof. Luca Cedola (University Sapienza in Rome).

The plan proposed by ENEA and CNR related to the Mission Innovation, refers also to other two projects: smart grid (Innovation Challenge n.1), on which Italy is also co-leader alongside China and advanced materials for energy (Innovation Challenge n.6).

The Mission Innovation will lead Italy to increase the public investment for Research and Development dedicated to green technological innovation, from 222 millions in 2013 to 444 million of euros in 2021.