17 | 09 | 19 REA insights

GSE extends the contract for Conto Termico investigations to RTI NRG.it-REA-Studio Malinconico

From 2018 REA with ESCo NRG.it - after awarding a call for tenders - provides for Gestore dei Servizi Energetici Spa (GSE) a technical-administrative support service for the analysis and evaluation of Conto Termico practices, the instrument dedicated to the promotion of energy efficiency measures and for thermal energy production from renewable sources for public administration and private individuals. 


The GSE confirmed for a further two years the service offered by RTI NRG.it - REA - Studio Malinconico, extending it until 2022.


The result reflects the trust earned by RTI NRG.it - REA, which has now assessed 5% of all applications for incentives submitted to the GSE since the entry into force of Conto Termico 2.0., while proceeding to the implementation of the quality and reporting system for the GSE.


Since the start of the Conto termico system, about 226 thousand applications for incentives have been received (data at 31 July of the GSE counter), corresponding to an amount of incentives allocated of 626 million euros: 168 million for interventions carried out by the public administration and the remaining 457 million for interventions carried out by private citizens.


Starting from 7 June 2019, Cassa Depositi e Presiti will also use the 'Prestito Investimenti Conto Termico' (PICT) instrument, a new instrument for the Public Administration which is designed to promote the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the community and to speed up the implementation of measures that obtained incentives from the GSE Conto Termico.


Tools like Conto Termico, together with the financial support of PICT, are used to promote the implementation of energy transition projects, both for the public and private sectors, with the ultimate aim of achieving an overall energy efficiency improvement and the implementation of an increasingly sustainable urbanisation in the long term.