29 | 01 | 20 REA insights

LUISS Business School's excellence education to meet the challenges of the MTI-3 water

The "water sector maturity examination" moves from the New Tariff Method with the evolution of tariff calculation from a one-dimensional model built on management efficiency to a complex model that includes the evaluation of quantitative aspects.

The water sector tariff system evolves towards a "multi-driver" model capable of rewarding the achievement of objectives and, equally, sanctioning failure to achieve them.

This evolution requires the need to build a fluid information flow capable of involving all the company's different business units, in order to allow a 360 degree view of the company's operations.

MASID, the education initiative promoted by LUISS Business School and REA srl, which starts on March 6 and aims to become the connecting element between the academic and institutional system and the management of water utilities, is part of this context.

Maria Luisa Santella - Director of the Water and Environment Area of REA Srl and Co-Director of MASID in an in-depth discussion on Staffetta Quotidiana (https://www.staffettaonline.com/staffetta_acqua/articolo.aspx?id=341235)