22 | 12 | 21 REA insights

Now online the result of Arera's meeting n. 1183

Great satisfaction for REA-Reliable Energy Advisors- from the result of the meeting held by ARERA-Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente  on the 30th of november 2021which led to the Venice District PEF wast 2020 and 2021 approval and to the water tariff measures 2020-2023  provided by SIDRA S.p.A. from Catania.

REA's Water and Environment department worked alongside the institutions designing tariff proposals.

"The result in Sicily rappresents a great achievement for the Water Service that leads to overcoming the "water service divide"-states Maria Luisa Santella who continues, in the waste sector with the complexity of the Venice System and the new tariff method MTR, it has been challenging and we are proud of this and we acknowledge the expertise matured in pur company".

A special thank to the technical director ATI 2 Catania Eng. Carlo Pezzini and Luisa Tiraoro manager of Consiglio di Bacino di Venezia.