19 | 09 | 22 REA insights

REA alongside the South in overcoming the water service divide and activating emergency tools against energy price increase provided by ARERA.


In the Resolution 427/2022/R/idr ARERA approved the update of the water tariffs for 2022 and 2023 issued by ACOSET S.p.A., a water supplier based in Catania. The water and environment department of REA assisted ATI Catania in this operation, which got into the water tariff update in order to access the anticipation of the electricity costs sustained in 2022 formulated by by CSEA.

ARERA launched an investigation on this operation, implemented by REA, which ended positively and without substantial revisions of the management decisions adopted: for the first time a water supplier in the South was among the first companies, in the entire country, to meet  strict deadlines for getting both the financial anticipation by CSEA and the recognition of the tariff increase.

“An achievement unthinkable just  four years ago, given the initial situation in eastern Sicily – stated Maria Luisa Santella, REA’s partner and Director of the Water and Waste Area – a result which, hopefully, represents the first step toward the setting of a single water supplier. The impact of the energetic crisis is disruptive for the management of water services. The current tools provided by the water regulation are insufficient to cover for the financial needs even in the short run”. Thanks to ing. Carlo Pezzini of ATI Catania, for his determination and competence, and to ACOSET S.p.A. employees.