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It will be held the next 24th and 25th of October in Milan the event “Smart Energy World Summit” (http://www.smartenergyworldsummit.com/ ), promoting the latest technological innovations and the new financial models rapidly changing the global energy framework.

The event will be a unique chance to encounter with the main stakeholders in the energy field.

The agenda foresees the deepening, thanks to the speeches of international relators, of 4 main topics: Energy Utilities Business Innvoatoin, Microgrids and Empowered Communities, Smart Energy as a path to Smart Cities, Smart Energy Storage: Grid Empowerment.

Among the rapporteurs also REA’s Managing Partner Giuseppe Mastropieri, on behalf of Elettricità Futura, who will held a speech on the theme of combination between PPAs scheme and self consumption optimization, bringing as a case study a Joint Venture between an international Fair and an energy utility.

The full program of the two days is available here.

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