21 | 06 | 24 REA insights

REA Hosts Successful Welfare Day Highlighting Partnership with Vis Fit Suite

June 17, 2024 - REA is proud to announce the success of our Welfare Day event, held at the innovative S/PARK: a day focused on promoting corporate wellness through a series of impactful initiatives and collaborations.

Corporate Welfare Initiatives
Our comprehensive welfare programs are designed to integrate diverse generations, promote sustainability, and support the green transition. These initiatives include in-house training, a green workplace, EV/E-bike charging points, a rooftop garden, a gym, and comprehensive insurance policies to create a balanced and supportive work environment.

The highlight of the Day: Partnership with Vis Fit Suite
We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Vis Fit Suite. This collaboration enhances our wellness program by offering personalized fitness and nutrition plans. With qualified personal trainers and coaching sessions held three times a week, our employees benefit from tailored workouts, nutritional advice, and continuous motivational support. This partnership ensures that our team members maintain their physical health and well-being, which is crucial for productivity and job satisfaction.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and helped make this event a remarkable success. Your engagement and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.