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Rea partner of Ènostra in the first project of equity crowdfunding in Italy: at Ecomondo/Key Energy the presentation of the first collective wind plant

On the next Tuesday the 6th of November, at Ecomondo/ Key Energy in Rimini, it will be presented the project of the wind power plant in Candela (FG) with a capacity of 850 kW and promoted by ènostra, no profit energy cooperative producing and providing electricity generated by renewable power plants (PV, wind, hydro) with Guarantee of Origin.

REA, as strategic advisor and technical-engineering partner in the project, is supporting ènostra since the origination of the project which today, after the end of the due diligence phase, is approaching the developing and procurement stage which, according to the timeline, shall lead to the start of construction within Q2-2019.

During the conference “Disengaging from fossil fuels by investing in collective renewable power plants. The social, financial and environmental benefits of the cooperative model and launch of the first wind plant in common property promoted by ènostra”  remarkable speakers will take part, including Gianni Silvestrini and Giuseppe Onufrio, Greenpeace Italia’s Executive Director and the MEP Davide Tamburrano. REA, with the participation of the CEO Giuseppe Mastropieri, will present the plant’s technical details and the construction timeline.

Please find more details on project Candela by clicking here, while more information on the program of Key Energy can be found here