19 | 06 | 19 REA insights

REA presents CAAB 3 to the international delegation of Urban Leds.

This morning, REA will present, at the Arena FICO - Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, the photovoltaic plant CAAB 3, to the international delegation of Urban LEDS II - the European project that aims to help local governments to implement an integrated low emission development.

The European Study Tour of Urban LEDS started on June 17 and will visit until June 24 some of the most innovative and ambitious low emission projects in Europe including the CAAB 3 in Bologna, the largest photovoltaic plant with energy storage system for self-consumption in Italy.

The 450 kWp power plant, combined with an innovative system of 50 kWp - 210 kWh industrial size lithium-ion batteries, will produce about 520,000 kWh per year, the equivalent of the average consumption of 200 families.

Thanks to the integration with the storage system, it will satisfy almost 80% of the annual consumption of the CAAB: it is the first plant in Italy with an industrial size storage system in a market parity regime, this means that the plant is able to be economically sustainable even in the absence of incentives.

The intervention also included the installation of 2 recharging stations for electric vehicles capable of serving up to 3 vehicles at the same time.

The project was designed and developed entirely by the REA team, led by Fabio Amico - Director of Engineering and Development, and now managed by REM - Reliable Energy Management, which is implementing solutions for self-consumption with access to simplified exchange on site and the logic for the optimized management of the storage system.