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REA for Southern Italy: defined the water rates for the Catania province.

With resolution 247/2019/R/idr of June 18th the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) approved the update of the price list for the water provider SIDRA proposed by the territorial water assembly of Catania Ato 2. The approval follows the "historic" resolution of February with which ARERA approved - for the first time in Sicily - the price update in the province of Catania, for the provider ACOSET (Del. 70/2019/R/idr of 26.02.2019).
SIDRA and ACOSET, despite the fragmentation of the operators located in the provincial territory, guarantee the aqueduct service to about 50% of the Catania population: thanks to this result, the regulatory body of the area overcomes the infringement procedure initiated by ARERA, making possible the tariff regulation.
"The need to overcome management fragmentation and the lack of investment in Southern Italy is a central issue in the water sector - says Maria Luisa Santella, Director of the Water and Environment Area of REA - it is essential in the short term to comply with national and European standards, especially in areas of the country still penalized”.
Both pricing operations have been set up by the REA team directed by Dr. Maria Luisa Santella, confirming a concrete and active commitment to fill in the South of Italy what the President of ARERA, Stefano Besseghini, has recently defined as the "systematic territorial gap".