25 | 01 | 22 REA insights

REA Srl joins AIEE: a tangible commitment to the Italian energy transition

REA becomes a supporting member of the Italian Association of Energy Economists-AIEE-founded in 1989, as the Italian affiliate of the International Association for Energy Economics – IAEE (www.iaee.org).

AIEE, a non-profit professional organization, acts as an independent consulting organization providing its contribution in the field of energy economics, with a prestigious role with the Italian institutions Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Energy Transition, ARERA.

Giuseppe Mastropieri-CEO of REA Srl-states “We are pleased to join AIEE especially in this crucial phase for our Country, as it is necessary to accelerate the energy transition and at the same time to deal with a deep energy crisis that-starting from natural gas supply chain-has struck the electric system, burden on Italian economy and citizens.”

As underlined by Prof. Gian Battista Zorzoli-President of AIEE- in the last newletter published at the end of 2021, we are facing a new year with important deadlines, where investments, reform, PNIEC and COP26 goals achievement are at stake and will affect the Italian economy in the following years.

We believe that it is important either to foster initiatives for a broader disclosure of contents and to contribute on the implementation of the strategies related to the development of renewables market: the precious activity that AIEE is carrying out alongside to other organizations such as Energy & Strategy Obervatory by Politecnico di Milano, is essential for a well assessed and analytic sharing of topics that involve the fields of energy crisis and climate change urgency”.