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REA won Atersir tender for 2018-2019 water tariff update in Emilia Romagna

ATERSIR, the Water Regulatory Authority of the Emilia Romagna Region, has assigned to REA the advice for updating the 2018-2019 water tariffs in the areas managed by the multi-utility “HERA S.p.A.” and by the wholesale supplier “Romagna Acque Società delle Fonti S.p.A.”. Maria Luisa Santella, director of the waste&water area, explains that "this result gives us the opportunity to follow the closure of a regulatory cycle by completing the strategic choices that had not found space in the previous tariff maneuver 2016-2019. Collaborating with ATERSIR - concludes the director - requires professional competence and flexibility, but offers the possibility to deal with the major players in the sector and gaining confidence with the most advanced regulatory tools ".