17 | 09 | 20 REA insights

Renewable energy communities and collective self-consumption

The Ministry of Economic Development decree promotes collective self-consumption models and energy communities of local authorities, individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.  A new role for the community as “prosumer”, consumer and also producer of renewable energy.

A new age for energy industry, implementing the renewable market and reducing costs, waste, and emissions.

The government has launched a programme of incentives, valid for twenty years under Gse’s regulation, that can be combined with the Eco Bonus at 110%.  The energy rates are 100 €/MWh for collective self-consumption and 110 €/MWh for renewable energy communities.

A huge incentive that provides a new development prospective of distributed generation, storage and smart grids.

Eng. Mastropieri, CEO of Rea Srl, states: “REA welcomes the signature of the MISE decree as a milestone in the energy and economic development -We are technical advisors for energy communities like Energia Positiva and Enostra, for the realisation of collective plants for energy communities for years!

The Fer 2 decree for large scale plants will be ready by the end of September, hoping to achieve the Pniec goals and support the country’s economic growth.