07 | 01 | 21 REA insights

SMALL BUSINESS AWARD: REA has been nominated for the Small Business Awards as “Best Renewable Energy & Utilities Advisory Firm-Southern Europe”.

2021 begins with the assignment to REA- Reliable Energy Advisor- in the Small Business Awards- in the category Best Renewable Energy of Utilities Firm. Rea has been honoured for its technical & financial consultancy activities addressed to companies, and to the leading National and International financial organizations and industrial leaders.

The team of engineers and advisors and its consolidated experience in the energy sector, led the company to be positioned among the top firms for National technical consultancy operating in the Green Economy.

“2020 has turned out as a year of great investments for our company” affirmed CEO Giuseppe Mastropieri- “despite the impact of the current health emergency, even in the renewable energy sector, we succeeded in expanding and confirming our presence in the National territory. Furthermore, we have strengthened our advisory role for public administration, having been awarded for technical administrative preliminary service, concerning the request regarding permits for renewable sources plants for Sardinia Region, and we have recently concluded with success the MASID First Edition – Management and Administration of the Water Service sector, the first executive programme by LUISS Business School focused on water regulation, validating REA’s standing positioning and focus on the utilities markets”.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, REA is able to provide highly specialised services, guaranteeing an integrated consultancy in technical, regulatory and financial area, which combined with their independent advisory role, is enabling the company to stabilize its strategic placement as Service HUB of Italian Green Economy.

“We are very proud that our daily commitment has been acknowledged and appreciated with this award” states Mr. Mastropieri “and we renew our commitment and effort likewise for 2021, aiming to push forward for the sustainable energy transition of our Nation”.