25 | 05 | 20 REA insights

WEBINAR-Green Economy: “Funding and tools for businesses relaunch” Friday 29th May 11:00-12:30

An event with the italian finance and renewable energy key players, promoted by Elettricità Futura, to address the post Covid economic restart.

An analysis of Covid’s impact on energy market would be a starting point for focus on Green Deal as a driver for the italian economic relaunch.

The EU Recovery Package which is now under discussion in the European Commission, could provide further tools for finance relaunch strategies for the energy transition already this year

Alessio Cipullo (Elettricità Futura) and Giuseppe Perna (Deposit and Loans Fund), will introduce a round table “ Tools and Funding for businesses relaunch” hosted by Giuseppe Mastropieri Ceo of Rea Srl, with the partecipation of Diletta Zeni of Wind Europe, together with the financial sector and the italian green utility leaders, including Unicredit, ERG, ING Bank and TAEGS.